Using Firewood for Fuel

Bulk Firewood for Sale in South West London

Split logs are a great and sustainable source of energy which can help you save hundreds of pounds during the cold winter months. Using firewood as fuel is also one of the best ways to decrease your carbon footprint, even cutting it in half.

Our tree company supplies mixed firewood in split logs. These can be used in ovens, stoves and log burners and is becoming an increasingly popular way of fuelling your home. To check the availability of logs and Areas Served, please call our office.

Firewood Quality & Quantity

Netted Bags Firewood for Sale in South West London

The wood you will receive is sourced directly from our tree works and is split into sections from around 8 to 10 inches, which fits nicely into regular UK wood burners. They are then seasoned in dry containers to ensure the best possible quality.

We only offer good quality logs and almost 95% of the batches contain hardwoods such as Oak, Ask and Cherry. Each batch comes mixed so we cannot guarantee or specify the exact percentage of wood types included.

Both large and small quantities are available and can be supplied in bulk or netted bags. If you would like to make a purchase please contact us, and we can give you information on stock levels and availability.

Firewood Prices

Small Quantities:

Smaller batches come in netted bags
and start at £5.50 each.

  • 1 Netted Bag: £5.50 collection
  • 5 Netted Bags: £25 collection – £37.50 delivered
  • 10 Netted Bags: £47.50 collection – £75 delivered

Small Quantities:

Bigger loads come in bulk/tonne bags
and start at £65 each.

  • 1 Bulk Bag: £65 collection – £85 delivered

Firewood Collection & Delivery

If you are having works done by our company, we can supply you with a couple of netted bags, free of charge. If you are paying, the minimum we can deliver is 1 bulk bag and will be at the driver’s discretion and coverage. Bulk and netted quantities may be collected from our yard any time after 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

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