Tree Lighting Installation

Tree Lighting South West London

Tree lighting can be installed for multi purposes and many different effects can be achieved. We can install decorative lighting, spot and flood lights with standard or coloured bulbs, which adds drama and emphasis to trees.

Our tree surgeons install lighting by wrapping the wire round branch collars leading from the main trunk. This way a power supply can be connected without the tree looking messy.

Long Term Lighting Installations

Tree Lighting in South West London

If you are planning to setup long term lighting in a tree it is a good idea to leave enough slack when wrapping the power cables. This will give the tree breathing space without ingesting the wires.

It is also a good idea to invest in a decent lighting system so you don’t run into any problems. One blown bulb can affected the whole system.

Types of Lighting We Install

  • Decorative lighting – Decorative lighting can be for any purpose and is something GraftinGardeners have installed for numerous pubs in their garden spaces
  • Spot and Flood Lighting – Spot and flood lighting is something GraftinGardeners do on a yearly basis for a health club which holds fireworks displays on their grounds yearly.

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Tree Surgery Services
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