Ivy Removal

Ivy Removal in South West London

Ivy is a superb feature for your garden and can add to the aesthetics of your home, but like most climbers they require regular maintenance. Structural elements of your property such as brickwork, paintwork and guttering can get damaged if ivy is left to grow out of control, and could leave you with a big repair bill.

It can also damage drains, window frames, rendering, soffits and roof tiles, as well as strangling other plants and trees.


Problems Caused by Ivy

  • Wooden window frames are susceptible to damage
  • Rendering can become weak, crack and even fall off
  • Brickwork, joints and cement beds can weaken
  • Weather proofing such as roof tiles and soffits can get compromised
  • Ivy competes with trees, shrubs and plants for space

If you’re experiencing problems with overgrown ivy contact us today. We can inspect and identify areas causing problems and take appropriate action.

Ivy Pruning

Ivy Pruning Before South West London

Whatever your ivy or climber requirements our highly skilled arborists can help. We provide a complete solution for ivy maintenance which includes:

  • The pruning, trimming and shaping of overgrown ivy


Ivy Pruning After in South West London

We are experts at dealing with invasive spices and always provide a top notch service. Call us on 0208 123 9693 today.

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