Conservation Areas


A tree conservation area is a location where planning permission is required to carry out any works on trees in that area. You will most likely know if you are in a conservation area but if you’re not sure, our company will check this for you.

If you have a received a quote from us and are happy to proceed with the works, we will obtain any necessary permission and you won’t have to fill out any paper work. We do not charge extra for this service.

Permissions can take up to 6 weeks to be received. If you do not hear back from the council within this time frame (which is very rare), you will have the green light to go ahead with the works.

Once the quotation has been accepted, we can provisionally book you in 6 weeks from the date of acceptance. This will also be the date we submit your planning application, ensuring a shorter time frame to commence with agreed works.

If the permissions have been received earlier than 6 weeks we will do everything in our power to bring the date of the works forward.

Preservation Orders

Tree preservation orders are placed on trees considered to be of amenity value, which means how highly a tree is regarded by the community as part of the local landscape. This is usually judged by visibility and the impact it has on the local environment and should not be felled.

Why Tree Preservation Orders are put in Place

Tree preservation orders are put in place to protect trees considered of amenity value from unnecessary pruning/reducing or from being cut down. You will need to acquire permission from the local council before carrying out any works on the tree in question.

You may only carry out works such as dead wooding in a conservation area or trees that are subject to a TPO. If the specimen is dead or dying, you will need to apply for a five day emergency application to remove the tree.

Obtaining Permission for Works on Protected Trees

Our company has lots of experience when it comes to obtaining permissions for works on protected trees. We work closely with local authorities and will happily fill out the necessary paper work for you.

The application form is scrutinized by a tree officer, so it is very important to fill in correctly. A good application would include as many feasible reasons why you would want or need the works done. For example, the roots are causing structural problems to your home or it is dangerous for your children because of the low hanging branches ECT…

There are a variety of different reasons and situations why you would need works done and is therefore important to contact a professional tree surgeon as they can find out as many reasons as they can to mitigate the works you desire.

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