Tree Cable Bracing

Tree Cable Bracing South West London

Trees are cable braced when a structural weakness is identified and is preferred over unfavourable pruning. It can reduce damage to healthy trees and prevents damage to mature trees in decline.

Tree Cable Bracing in South West London

Mature trees with heavy limbs should be braced to stop them breaking away from the crown at unions. It is also used on trees with v-shaped unions where two stems grow side by side, to stop the weaker union from breaking away.

Past Cable Bracing Techniques

Past Cable Bracing Techniques

Past practices involved screwing a bolt through both ends of the stems to link them together. This is now considered as bad practice because it results in wounding the tree and can cause root and decay.

Modern Cable Bracing Techniques

Modern Cable Bracing Techniques

Now days we use a polypropylene cable system where the cable loops around the stem without wounding the tree. It is installed while leaving a little slack and should be monitored from time to time.

Bracing to BS3998 Specifications

We carry out all cable bracing to BS3998 specifications, along with other factors such as:

Species, cause of problem, condition of wood, load to be supported and any potential damage to property.

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