Quality Assurance Policy

GG Quality Assurance Policy

Our quality assurance policy provides information on the quality of service we aim to deliver to all customers and how our company should carry out appraisals, works and customer care.

Customer Care Policy

GG Customer Care Policy

This policy is put in place to give clients information on the standards of customer care and how it is maintained. In this PDF we define the standards of care, staff commitments, communication and more.

Health & Safety Policy

GG Health & Safety Policy

This statement is the general health and safety policies for our company and tells you who is responsible for actions and arrangements on health and safety aspect such as risk assessments and methods statements.

Wildlife & Ecology Policy

GG Wildlife & Ecology Policy

Our wildlife and ecology policy states how we conduct our works where wildlife is present and what measures we put in place to protect the wildlife, habitats and their surroundings, and what we do to maintain balance.

Environmental Policy

GG Environmental Policy

The business we conduct has an impact on the environmental, so we put this policy in place to state how we manage waste and what we are doing to lessen the impact our works have on the environment.

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