Dangerous and Fallen Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Work in South West London

It can be frustrating when a tree falls on your property and sometimes involves the efforts of a whole team to clear up. Our teams of dedicated tree surgeons can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all tree emergencies.

Without warning, a tree can fail and fall, causing damage to all kinds of property, as well as driveways and paths. Vital access points for emergency services can get blocked and can also disrupt your daily routine.

Emergency Tree Removal in South West London

Our company has dealt with all kinds of emergency tree situations since we started and will do everything in our power to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Take a look at our emergency procedure below.

Standard Procedure for Emergencies

  • The affected area will be secured with barrier tape and warning signs
  • For insurance purposes the damage will be assessed and noted
  • Fallen or dangerous trees will be cut into sections and removed
  • The left over waste will be cleared up spotless
  • The surrounding area will be made safe and accessible

Regular Tree Maintenance

Trees require regular maintenance in order for them to remain healthy, disease and pest free. A badly neglected tree is far more likely to fall down during bad weather and storms than one that is regularly maintained.

If you think your trees are in bad shape and need tending, give us a call. We can send a tree surgeon out to inspect your trees and identify any potential threats or weak structures before they fall down.

Call today on 0208 123 9693 today, for all your emergency tree surgery requirements.

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