Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Removal in South West London

Tree Stump Grinding can be required for potentially hazardous tree stumps, unwanted stumps, or stumps that need to be removed for building purposes. Heavy machinery is required such as a stump grinder and can be too tough to remove with conventional tools.

Gridding Equipment and Safety

Tree Stump Grinding in South West London

We are well equipped and can remove any amount of size of stumps. We have big as well as small machines so access is never a problem. If there is risk of damage to property such as windows, we will use wooden boarding to stop stones and dirt flicking up.

We may also (if necessary) secure the area in question with barrier tape to protect the public from harm.

After Stump is Removed

Tree Stump Cutting in South West London

After the stump has been removed the remaining cavity will be filled, either with soil or grinding waste and any remaining waste will be cleared.


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