Tree Planting

Tree Planting South West London

“The South West London arborists did a grand job planting 4 silver birch trees in my garden and provided me with excellent aftercare. I would highly recommend them.”


Tree Planting in South West London

Trees are not just for show, they are an important part of wildlife and help the environment by cleaning the air, preventing soil erosion and also water contamination, so it’s always a pleasure to plant a new one.


Tree Planting in South West London

Over the years, our arborists have planted thousands of trees, shrubs and plants, and will happily assist in the planting of yours. We can source you the best and most suitable specimens for your garden and plant them in an optimal location.

Tree Transplanting

As well as providing a planting service we also undertake transplanting on young to semi-mature trees. We can move any trees to a more desired locations but this often involves the use of heavy lifting equipment, especially with semi-mature trees.

Planting Planning & Procedures

The first thing is to agree on the positioning of any plants and then mark out the locations. We will then excavate the planting pit and insert it evenly within the pit. It will then be filled with fresh soil and compacted, and stakes will be placed to secure it firmly in place. Any excess soil will be removed and mulch will be placed over the soil, and water will be added to help with the growing process.

Tree Aftercare & Advice

We offer onsite aftercare whenever we plant a tree, but please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need more advice.

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