Tree Removal

Tree Felling and Removal in South West London

Whatever your requirements, our tree removal specialists and can fell and remove the largest of trees in a safe and controlled method.

By using the latest felling techniques, we can safely remove trees in well confined or heavily populated areas, without causing damage to your property and with minimal disruption.

Section/Sectional Tree Felling

Sectional Tree Felling in South West London

Section felling is the complete removal of a tree in manageable sections. This method is used in confined spaces where there is risk of damage to property or harm to the public’s health and safety, and is commonly used over straight felling in many residential settings.

Section felled trees are dismantled using the step cut and break off method and will be lowered by ropes (where necessary), allowing a safe and controlled fall.

Straight Tree Felling

Straight Tree Felling in South West London

Straight felling is the quickest way to fell but requires sufficient space as the tree comes down in one unit. This method can be used where there is no risk of damage to property or persons of any kind.

Straight felled trees are assisted by wedges and pulling ropes, ensuring they fall in the specified direction.

Tree Felling Safety

Each and every tree is felled to UK safety standards ensuring the safest possible fell. Call our office today on: 0208 123 9693 to book your free no obligation quotation.

Tree Surgery Services
Contact us today for all your tree surgery requirements in London.