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Our Services Include:

Tree Surgery

Our Woodchipper

South West London Tree Surgeons are experts in arboriculture and come fully equipped to undertake all types of tree work in Streatham. If you require tree surgery in SW16, give us a call. Our company has many happy customers, both new and returning and go the extra mile to receive positive feedback.

Tree Felling

Dismantling a Tree

Tree felling is dangerous and should always be carried out by a qualified professional. Our arborists have been dismantling trees for over a decade and can easily sectional fell trees in limited space. Our experience and expertise allows us to remove trees, without causing damage to your property.

Tree Pruning

Pruning to Perfection

Tree pruning is best left to the professionals if you want to achieve top quality results. Our tree surgeons have been pruning trees for years and only make cuts specified in the BS3998 guidelines. Whatever type of pruning you require, we guarantee first class results.

Pruning Services Include:

  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Lifting
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Pleaching
  • Pollarding
  • Branch Removal
  • Limb Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Stump Grinding

Struggling to remove a tree stump from your property? Don’t get stressed out trying to remove a tree stump, call our tree company to remove it for you. We have the best stump busting equipment for both large and small stumps. Our boys will grind out your stump and backfill the remaining cavity, leaving you with a tidy site.

Emergency Tree Work

Tree Emergencies

Bad weather can cause a tree to fail and fall on your property, usually resulting in damage and unwanted mess. Our emergency tree service is there to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. We will secure the affected area and remove any fallen trees from your grounds.

Ivy Removal

Removing Ivy From Buildings and Trees

Ivy can add to the aesthetics of your home if correctly maintained. It can also damage brickwork and joints to name a few. Our arborists will remove any problematic ivy from your buildings or trees if you desire or can prune, trim and shape to your specifications. No other company offers a more complete ivy removal service.

Tree Planting

Let us Plant Your Trees

Want to plant a tree in your garden or site? Our arborists are tree care experts and have a broad knowledge on tree planting and maintenance. We will safely plant your trees, ensuring no damage is caused in the process. We can even transplant semi mature trees as long as the roots system is still young.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming Professionals

Hedge trimming is a skill and one that is best left to the experts. Our arborists are highly skilled when it comes to hedge trimming and will tidy up your messy shrubberies. We can cut, trim and shape any type of shrubs, big or small, and always get a professional finish.

Garden Clearance

Removal of Green Waste

Is your garden filled with green waste? Our garden clearance service is there to help restore order in any unruly garden. Our company takes waste such as leaves, twigs, braches, grass cuttings and more. Give us a call today and we will send a team round to collect any green waste.

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