Reasons for Pruning a Tree

Tree Pruning in South West London

Tree pruning is an important part of any trees growth. It helps trees grow better and live a longer life, while maintaining a safe and even balance.


A few reasons a tree may need to be pruned are:

  • To remove dead, diseased or storm-damaged branches
  • Thinning a crown to allow better air circulation and new growth
  • Removing obstructing branches lower in the tree
  • Reducing the height of a tree
  • Shaping a tree for design/decorative purposes

Pruning a tree will allow more light into the garden area, which are essential for other plants, shrubs and trees to grow properly. It will also reduce the overall weight and minimize damage from high winds and storms.


How We Carry Out Pruning Operations

Tree Pruning in South West London

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration such as size, shape, age, species, condition and character. We use these factors to correctly asses the type of pruning required before carrying out any cutting.

If we are working in an area where there is risk of harm to the public we will display safety signs such as “tree cutting in progress” and will (if necessary) cordon off our working area with hazard tape.

Our tree surgeons are very careful and use a method called the ABC cut. This prevents the tearing of limbs or branches, and reduces the risk of infection and diseases. We follow the guidelines in the British Standards (BS3998) and never make flush cuts. All cuts will be made to the branch collar, leaving you with a healthy, safe and well-balanced tree.

Large limbs and branches are lowered safely by using ropes and slings to minimize the risk of damage to property or the tree and dead, damaged or diseased branches will be cut back to the relevant branch collar.

Tree Pruning Services in South West London

Tree Pruning and Reducing in South West London

South West London Tree Surgeons provides all types of pruning services and have provided the list below to better understand the services we provide and to help protect clients from unorthodox methods used by cowboy tree surgeons.

Tree Crown Reduction and Shaping

Crown reduction is a technique used to reduce a trees crown size while maintaining a good shape. It usually involves another method of pruning called “drop-crotching”, which decreases the weight of heavy branches and limbs. It is particularly useful in situations where trees are impeding or damaging buildings and power lines.

Tree Crown Cleaning

Cleaning is required to remove deadwood, branches in poor condition and to remove epicormic shoots. It may sometimes include removing wire or climbing plants.

Tree Crown Thinning

Thinning reduces the overall branch density in the crown but the tree still retains the same shape and size. This is used to reduce weight in the crown of trees with structural weaknesses identified. It also allows more light through and wind resistance is reduced.

Tree Crown lifting

The crown is lifted by taking off lower branches and changes the trees structure. A great method for allowing more light in to the garden for other trees and shrubs beneath.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is required for most city trees where they are close to roads or power lines. The highest branches and limbs are cut back, which helps to promote new growth, thicker branches and denser foliage.

Tree Pruning to Avoid

Above are the best pruning practices but we think clients should also know about the bad practices to avoid:

Tree Topping

An unacceptable practice where all limbs, branches and foliage are removed and should not be confused with pollarding. The tree shape and character are destroyed and it encourages decay and diseases. It should only be used on hazardous trees as it can kill species such as beech.

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